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Equipment Help Zone

Video Capture Equipment

There are so many different types of video capture technology now that it can seem daunting to choose a camera that will work for you. We suggest using iPod/iPhone as a simple tool that will take good quality footage and be able to easily edit within the device using iMovie software. You can upload straight to Youtube without the use of a computer.


Video Editing Software

iMovie is a very easy and cost effective tool to edit your footage. You can use it on an iPad, iPhone or iPod, or use a desktop computer to edit your footage.


First Aid Kit

There are some great pre-packaged backcountry first aid kits and they come in well thought out containers. This is a great starting point and you can add specific equipment they are missing (epi pens, etc.).


Personal Outdoor Gear


This will be very personal. If you are starting out and have little in the way of personal equipment, but you are excited to get outside both personally and professionally it is suggested that you choose equpiment that will last and keep you dry and warm. It will set you back a chunk of your paycheck, but being comfortable outside will pay dividends in the long run.


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