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Tech Help Centre

The following information will help you connect to our google community, upload a youtube video, add to our interactive google map, and provide you with suggestions on cameras and software to use for video editing. Please contact the Cascades Adventures help desk if you have any further questions.

Google Community

Excited to share your adventures with our other Cascades Adventures users? We have a google community set up so you can add your photos, videos, audio, or written stories with others. You will need a google account to access the community. Having trouble setting up your account? Click here for more help!

Youtube Uploads

Youtube is a great way to share your adventures with others. Not only can you share amazing videos on your youtube channel, but you can share your videos on the Cascades Adventures google community and add your videos to our interactive google map so that others can see exactly where your adventure took place! 

Have you made a great video down at the Fraser River or taken your class to a historical site along some part of the mighty Fraser River? Share it with others on our interactive google map! Watch this informative tutorial on creating personalized google maps. Once completed you should have the necessary skills to add your own information onto our google map.

Cameras and Software

Interested in making a video to add to our community of adventure learners, but don't have the tools yet? Have a read through our suggestions around camera types and editing software that you can use to create engaging videos.


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